POST-FETISH LEATHER BRAND. Bringing a new vision to what a leather goods brand can be. Handbags and Accessories since 2010. New York // Los Angeles. #LeatherWithLove.

ZANA BAYNE is a NYC-based leather goods brand by creative team Zana Bayne and Todd Pendu founded by Bayne in 2010. Their work is known for its focus on quality craftsmanship and for inventive accessories designed to layer over any wardrobe, accentuating the personal style of the individual wearer. The brand began with a unique high-end take on S&M/punk-inspired aesthetics and harnesses. The brand has since expanded into a full line of handbags and collections of elegant leather works comprised of skirts, tops, bustiers, shoes, and hats as well as styles for men. Their leather works have been worn by celebrities and icons of art and culture including Rei Kawakubo, Debbie Harry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga. They have collaborated with luxury brands including Comme des Garcons and Marc Jacobs and are carried in high-end department stores internationally.

Creative Directors: Zana Bayne and Todd Pendu

WWW.ZANABAYNE.COM // Instagram @ZanaBayne

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