Tiny Choker Bag (+ More Colors)

$ 195.00

They say great things come in small packages, and this is certainly our tiniest! It won't fit your phone (that's what the Mini is for) but it will fit your cards, cash, keys, etc. Looks like "honey I shrunk the handbag" and acts just like the perfect party wallet!

Features magnetic snap closure and detachable cross-body chain strap.

Dimensions: 4" W x 2½" H x 1"D

The TINY comes in the following variations:

  • -Black Leather: Smooth California Latigo, unlined
  • -Crystal Studded: Meticulously hand-placed Crystal studding with 74 individual stones


*Each item is made custom per order and will be shipped within approximately 1-3 weeks of purchase

Other things your Tiny Choker Bag can carry:

Air pods, band-aids, barrettes, business cards, candy, coins, concert ear plugs, contact lenses, dog treats, edibles, gum, lighter, lipstick, mints, perfume samples, seashells, secrets, smokables, tiny hot sauce, toys, USB stick...

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