Triple Buckle Bustier

$ 425.00

The Triple Buckle Bustier first strutted down the runway in New York as a part of the Fall 2014 Runway Collection. Now available for the first time since then, the Bustier features a barely-there "bra" top fastened with a 2.5" wide buckle (3" buckle for size L and LL). Every strap is adjustable and functional in order to fine tune the fit just the way you want it.

Wear it with nothing underneath. Wear it over a mini dress. Wear it under a sheer shirt. Wear it with a suit. Sit back and let this top do the talking for you.

Fit note: This top is not designed for full coverage, but instead a cheeky play on wearing a belt as a brassiere. 

*Each item is made custom per order and will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of purchase

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